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Plenary & Invited Speakers
Plenary Speakers
- Seung Hyun Moon (SuNAM Co., Ltd., Korea), on Materials
- Liye Xiao (Institute of Electrical Engineering CAS, China), The R & D projects related to applied
  superconductivity in China.
- Kenichi Sato (JST, Japan), Overview of Superconductivity Projects in Japan - a bit focusing on JST/Strategic-Innovation Program.

Invited Speakers
- Seungyong Hahn (SNU, Korea), on superconducting magnet
- Sangchul Han (KEPCO, Korea), on superconducting power application
- Taekyung Ki (IBS, Korea), on cryogenic system
- Pingxiang Zhang (North-West Institute for Non-Ferrous Metal Research, China)
- Guangli Kuang (High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hefei, China)
- Yanwei Ma (Institute of Electrical Engineering CAS, China)
- Keiji Enpuku (Kyushu University, Japan), “Highly sensitive biosensing system utilizing magnetic markers and
  SQUID sensor”
- Kaname Matsumoto (Kyushu Inst. Tech. , Japan), “Vortex pinning in nano-structured REBCO films”
- Naoyuki Amemiya (Kyoto University , Japan), “HTS based accelerator magnet”
- Hitensinh. B Vagela (ITER- India, India), on Cryodistribution line for ITER project
- Upendra Prasad (Institute for Plasma Research, Ahmedabad, India) on Cryopumping
- T S Datta / Soumen Kar (IUAC, Delhi, India), on Magnet Development Program at IUAC
- Ali Bozbey (TOBB University of Economics and Technology & CESUR, Turkey), Implementation of a
  superconducting stripline detector based monolytic imager
- Serap Safran (Ankara University, & CESUR, Turkey), Cryogenic Design simulative study for SFCL
- Mustafa Akdoan (Abant Izzet Baysal University, & CESUR, Turkey), World Record of In-field Jc Enhancement
  in MgB2 wires
- Sastry Pamidi (Center for Advanced Power Systems, Florida State Univ., USA)

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